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Three key advantages to implementing a donor survey:

  • Surveys are a means for donors to share their intentions for their relationship with your organization. Generally speaking, whether or not a donor takes the time to complete a donor survey is a good indication of their interest in deeper engagement with your group.
  • A survey is a conversation starter. As soon as you send out your surveys, you are opening the door to having individual conversations with your donors. But remember to design your survey questions carefully. Before you send out your survey, think about what changes you are hoping to implement after you receive responses from your donors.
  • Surveys give you the information that your organization needs in order to build a strategy for your major gifts program.

Choose a survey method that is easy for donors to provide information securely and confidentially. Webforms setup either through your own website or through a platform like surveymonkey work well. But avoid a barrage of questions - remember, you want to make it easy for your donors to participate.
(Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training)


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