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According to a recent CMO Council study - titled "Context, Commerce + Customer: Best Practices to Exceed Expectations" - marketers need more effective sharing and use of data and intelligence, but nearly one-fifth of marketers are not sure that a fully integrated, live data ecosystem view via dashboards is possible in their organizations. Here are the top reasons given by marketers for why they are unable to fully leverage the data they have:

  • 21 percent - data is trapped in organizational silos
  • 20 percent - the problem isn't data, it's getting the organization on board
  • 20 percent - too much data to manage effectively 
  • 12 percent - data is messy
  • 9 percent - an organization-wide data and analytics strategy isn't a priority

(CMO Council)

"Data are just summaries of thousands of stories - tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful."
- Dan Heath, author, speaker and professor at Duke University


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